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We have the skills and equipment necessary to build BMW racecars and carry out meticulous services and repairs of your competition vehicle so that it maintains its perfect condition as the kilometers go along according to the manufacturer's recommendations and our own experience. 
Concerned about the quality of our services, JJ Motorsport sets up and maintains a personalized maintenance booklet for each vehicle, in paper and computer version, to ensure rigorous monitoring of its condition. Each operation carried out by our mechanics is noted, its duration specified and the parts and products used recorded for clear monitoring.

In addition to mechanical interventions, we can offer you aesthetic services to improve the appearance of your bodywork and your interior, as well as racecar livery design and application.   

JJ Motorsport, your one stop shop for BMW racecar service.  When scrolling down you can discover a non-exhaustive list of some of our offered specialist services for your racecar

Specialist services

Racecar build and preparation

All competition vehicles must comply with the technical regulations corresponding to the discipline that you want to enter. We can check and bring your vehicle up to standards to meet the requirements of the corresponding regulations. We suggest you carry out, after each trip, a computerized mileage monitoring of the important parts of your vehicle. Rigorous monitoring ensures the reliability of your competition vehicle throughout the seasons.

Reliability is an important parameter when preparing a competition vehicle. We put our racing know-how and  experience at your disposal by offering racecar build and preparation services for your trackday- or racecar.
With a view to improving the competitiveness of your vehicle, we offer you the implementation of technical developments to optimize its performance: and its handling.  
We can proceed to track tests to validate the proper functioning of the developments carried out. Do not hesitate to contact us to present your vehicle and your project.

Vehicle setup

The adjustments are carried out conscientiously on the precision scales according to our know-how by an experienced mechanic, taking into account the importance of various parameters (pilot's weight, quantity of fuel, tire pressure, etc.).

We optimize the various aerodynamic parameters for you: inclination of the wing flaps, optimization of the ride height, efficiency of the flat bottom, reduction of clearances between bodies ...

With our vehicle setup services, our experienced engineer offers you to define the settings of your competition vehicle according to the discipline (competition, trackdays, mixed use circuit - road ...), your type of driving and the circuit that you will visit, in order to optimize its performance.
After studying the various parameters, we define and apply the settings for you to the shock absorbers (spring, stopper, compression, rebound, etc.) and to the chassis (body heights, camber, alignment, caster, weight per wheel, etc.). 

The weight distribution on each of the vehicle's wheels has an important influence on its behavior: we provide you with our experience to optimize this parameter using a set of four precision scales.

Vehicle restoration, bodywork, race liveries  and storage services

Along with its activities on modern vehicles, JJ Motorsport can also assost you in the restoration of older vehicles. We can restore an old competition or sports car to its strict original configuration or by fitting more modern parts to ensure optimum reliability and better performance.  We carry out the entire photographic restoration process in order to edit a precise restoration file, from the arrival of the car in our workshop until its departure.  Our services range from disassembly, bodywork and interior restoration and paint, mechanical rebuild and reconstruction of the vehicle.

On modern and classic sports and racecar we can foresee all types of liveries and stripings from design to application on the vehicle according to your specific needs.

Our large workshop area allows us to offer you a storage service with video surveillance, regular start-ups, battery charge maintenance, exterior and interior cleaning, etc.

Data logging, onboard cameras and radio communication

In order to record all the important parameters in terms of engine control, chassis work or driving analysis, our experienced engineer can carefully install various logger systems, sensors and displays.
To achieve quality onboard videos, we can ensure the mounting of one or more cameras on your competition vehicle by using existing solutions or by designing made-to-measure solutions including data overlay.

Communication between the driver and the pitstand is key in racing.  We provide tailor-made solutions adapted to your team-crew needs and integrated in your vehicle.


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