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Many fans of cars and racing long for the opportunity to drive a racing car on world-famous racetracks themselves. A safe and cheap option is virtual motorsport on a screen: sim racing. In sim racing, computer simulations on a PC replicate realistic races and the physics of driving, traction, grip and tyre behaviour are simulated as precisely as possible.

The only requirements are the right platform (the simulation software), the hardware (PC) and suitable peripheral equipment such as a steering wheel and pedals. So sim racing is much more than a simple game on the screen. It's certainly a legitimate training option for both amateurs and pros – and it is the arena for thrilling races with participants from around the world. 

Simulator training

In our simulator room we have different simulator models and setups available.  Our training simulator is equipped with a force feedback steeringwheel, a realistic hydraullic pedal set and triple screens. 
We apply the same work methodology to this tool as for our on-track activities: the driver receives a preparatory document for virtual taxiing before the simulator session and then studies on-board reference videos before performing his first simulator laps. .
Simulator training is intended for any type of driver: professional driver wishing to prepare for his next tests or races, gentlemen-drivers wishing to improve or discover a new circuit, amateur, gamer ...


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