The racetrack is our natural habitat 

At the racetrack all the elements come together and this is the place where we feel at ease and we like you to do the same.

With a wide range of specialist and support services we ensure that you can enjoy your racetrack visit at its best.  We have our own extensive arrive and drive program of trackdays, races and championships and can also provide support to your own racing program with transport and logistics, event services, technical support and freelance services.

When scrolling down you can discover a non-exhaustive list of some of our offered track services.

Racetrack services adapted to your needs 

Arrive and drive - Full technical and logistical support

Maximize your focus on racing and enjoy your time at the racetrack by choosing the “arrive-and-drive” principle. The "arrive-and-drive" principle comes along when you rent one of our racecars and is also available when you have your own racecar.
JJ Motorsport offers you to fully manage the organization of your trackdays or races: transport, installation, accommodation, meals, administrative formalities, mechanical services, tyre management, refueling, wear and tear parts, pitstop crew, analysis of data acquisitions and on-board videos, cleaning, storage ... Whether it is to accompany you during a trackday day with your sports car or to take part in a racing meeting, we will have an offer adapted to your needs. 

In addition to the technical services dedicated to the car, we know how to set up a workspace in our racetrailer for meetings, a changing area for the drivers, a reception area with refreshments and snacks for your family and partners, a box for your customers...

Installation and reception
We can install, under a race awning or in a box, all the equipment necessary for your day of driving or competition, as well as your communication supports and a reception area dedicated to your partners and guests.

Tools, materials, consumables and parts
We bring tools, specific equipment (tire heater, vehicle setup equipment, etc.), consumables and spare parts to the circuit to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

We have the competent (technical) staff for all your needs: track engineer, data engineer, mechanic, trucky, driver coach, logistician, driver, PR and communications, photographer, host or hostess ...

Equipped with various transport vehicles (semi-trailer, closed car transporter trailer, vans), we are able to guarantee the transport of your vehicle and the equipment necessary for its running.

Freelance services

JJ Motorsport “Freelance” activity allows you to strengthen your human resources thanks to various offers of freelance services by qualified personnel. Our offer is flexible, daily or over the long term, and adapts to the needs and specificities of each project. We can accompany you on a complete championship as on a one-off race, on complementary professions: track engineer, mechanic, team manager, driver coach, trucky ...
All our freelance staff have several years of experience in high-level European motorsport, are very enthusiastic about participating in new projects and know how to adapt quickly in a new environment for them. We can prepare our intervention upstream by reading the technical manuals, sporting and technical regulations as well as internal team documents. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to develop the specifications for your project.

Track engineer
Definition of settings, analysis of data acquisitions and on-board cameras, dialogue with the driver, management of the technical team, development, reports, simulation tools, car instrumentation, training of data engineers, test programs ...

Mechanical service and repairs, maintenance of a maintenance book, mileage monitoring, repair of bodywork and parts, installation of stickers, vehicle reliability,  mechanical and aerodynamic adjustments, geometry on scales...

Team management, relationship with drivers and their management, definition of budgets, relationship with organizers and suppliers, work schedules, travel management ...

Driver coach
Driver monitoring and coaching on tests and race meetings, study of videos and data acquisition, mental coaching, physical preparation, career advice, personal logistics ...

Vehicle transport and logistics

JJ Motorsport offers you to transport your sports or competition vehicles, as well as the associated technical equipment, anywhere in Europe. Our team has drivers with the necessary permits. We are equipped with a racing semi-trailer that can transport up to three cars, a closed car transporter trailer as well as towing vehicles and vans.
We have a solution adapted to each trip: private driving days, race meetings, delivery for vehicle purchase/sale, exhibitions, PR operations ... 

Located near Brussels we are ideally positioned at the intersection of many motorway networks and close to the airport. From our workshop we reach several racetracks within less than one hour upto a few hours driving time, like Zolder, Spa-Francorchamps, Mettet, Zandvoort and the Nürburgring.

Event services

JJ Motorsport has experience and know-how in supporting various event operations: press presentation, brand activation, product launches, network events, seminars, conventions, customer days, fanzones, receptive and VIP support ...
We can play both an active role (driving simulator, pitstop challenge, quiz, speakers ...) or passive (racing cars on display, equipment and tools installed for a "race stand" atmosphere ... ) according to the needs of your corporate event. We can offer you a photo or video report of the event in order to keep a memory and build further communication upon the event in your contacts with prospects and customers.

Each project being unique, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to present us your specifications.

We can provide you with experienced speakers who will be able to animate and bring a touch of authenticity to your events thanks to their expertise and knowledge of the motorsport environment: track engineer, racecar driver ...

Whether on a simple day of discovery where they will be privileged spectators or even on a day where they will be actors, we can make your customers and your employees discover the atmosphere of motor racing during an event that will remain to them unforgettable.


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