Are you passionate enough?

Motorsport is not a job, it is a passion. 

You wake up with it and you go to sleep with it.  If you are a true dedicated and passionate petrolhead than working within the JJ Motorsport team might be the opportunity to find your dreamjob.



Racecar Mechatronic

As a result of the growth and expansion of our activities we have a job opportunity for a full time “mechatronic” taking care of the meticulous follow-up and service of BMW racecars, M-cars and classic cars.

As a “mechatronic” you have an extensive knowledge of mechanics and electronics of (BMW) (race)cars, apply this in practice and as a team-player you are also able to share these with others.

You are working orderly and decently to achieve the highest degree of reliability on our racecars and so that your workplace and the rolling material are clean and tidy and express your quality work.

You are responsible for the result of your work and organize the necessary materials and tools by upfront planning of the tasks to accomplish.

Race-calendars and race-/trackdays have a tight schedule and take place interior and abroad. Your punctuality, knowledge of the English language and willingness to have flexible working hours, including weekends, make these events a care-free experience for our customers.

If this description seems like it is exactly describing your dream job, than you are welcome to join our competitive and familiar team in Machelen (Brussels) and focus completely on leveraging the team to a higher level and achieve sporting success.

Applications (CV and motivation letter) to

Helpers/volunteers for raceweekends

With over 20 raceweekends in a season throughout Europe we can count on numerous helpers and volunteers that make our racing adventures possible.  
If you are a racefan, being part of the team at the raceweekends is as close as you can get to the racing action.
Do you have spare time in the weekends, and you are looking for a passionate hobby, than helping within our racing team might just be your thing.  We have tasks ranging from logistics, catering, tyres supply, washing cars, refueling, technical assistance, checks and administration etc...
Don't just dream about motorsports, enter the world of motorsports as a helper with the JJ Motorsport team.  Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

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Unsolicited application

You are an expert in BMW race and classic cars, an ace in marketing, a sales champ or an incredible jack-of-all-trades?
In short, you are convinced that you can bring a great added value to the JJ Motorsport team? Than please contact us, and tell us why you are the right fit for our organisation and we gladly invite you to get to know eachother.

Applications (CV and motivation letter) to

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